The Lightkeepers Cottage

UX, UI, User Testing, Graphic Design

A historic cottage on the site of the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, this interpretive centre is now full of stories, educational content and fun interactives. Within this space there are historical accounts, information on how lighthouses work and the work that went into being stationed here.

I worked on the user experience and interfaces of each interactive touch screen, as well as the graphic design within the space.

Each room has a dedicated theme, exploring the natural world, construction and science, the life of a lightkeeper and the way they communicated with ships and the rest of the world.

This interactive above showcased the use of morse code in the lighthouse, allowing users to communicate with a lighthouse embedded in the wall of the cottage.

There were several touch screens within the space, demonstrating the various ways the lighthouse communicated with the world around it.
One touch screen demonstrated the use of signal flags (and translated them), another showcased the way lenses refract, and the uniqueness of the Fresnel lens. Another touch screen demonstrated the importance of radio beacons, and how ships could use them to find their positions.