Interactive Convoy Table

UX, UI, User Testing

The Interactive Convoy Table is a large-scale touch table, redeveloped from an existing experience. Using the interactive table, visitors can uncover stories about the ships and soldiers of the ANZAC convoys that left Albany.

My role within this project was to user test an existing experience, uncover pain points and redesign the User experience and interface.

over the shoulder photo of a young man interacting with a touch table. on the touch table there is a map of the Convoys with information on a character pulled up
close up of an interactive touch table. a visitor is holding up a character card and loading information on that character

The map of Albany, Princess Royal Harbour and King George's sound, forms a base for the content explored in this interactive. From here visitors can see how the convoys happened, and tap on locations and ships for more information. They can also search the ANZAC database for service people.

screen shot of a map of Albany wth interactive touch points visitble
interactive map of albany with widgets pulled up. these widgets have information pertaining to ships in the harbour. 
there is also a search bar