Street ARt

Augmented Reality Design, Research Thesis

As part of my Master of Design Innovation I developed an augmented reality application to showcase how it could be used as a platform for artistic expression. Focusing on street art, and how AR can be used to make digital street art.


Augmented Reality (AR) has been used for creative expression for some time. This project is part of a master’s thesis into the use of this technology as a tool to create Digital Street Art. After drawing parallels between the histories of Street Art and AR Art, several examples of Digital Street Art were created, with AR as the medium for creation and distribution. Using digital techniques like animation, interactivity, data visualisation and three-dimensional imagery; these works explore how the Digital Street Artist can create work that engages with the public space and provoke a response. These works helped inform a wider discussion into the use of AR for creative expression, methods for Digital Street Art, and how these works could be presented through a mobile platform. Digital Street Art is not meant to replace traditional Street Art or oppose it in any way. Instead it offers alternative methodologies and techniques while still following Street Art ideals such as democratisation and accessibility of art as well as reclamation of public space.
This thesis can be found at the VUW research archive